Friday, 15 July 2011

Subs vs Dubs

So guys when you're watching an anime, do you prefer subs or dubs (assuming both are available)? And if you don't know, subs mean English subtitles while dubs is when they replace the Japanese voices with English ones.

I've always been a subs person myself as I find it a lot more pleasant on the ears to hear the original voice actors and some of the tones seem to only sound right in Japanese. However I know a lot of people that only watch animes if they have dubs, if not they don't even bother to check it out.

I guess it just depends on which one you were first introduced to, sort of like the pepsi vs coke debate.


  1. i have a preference for both. For naruto,just as an example, i prefer subs because the English dub voice is annoying as fuck.

  2. I like Subs too, Dubs tend to throw me off a lot when I'm trying to gauge emotion and reactions.


  3. I prefer subs most of the time. In some cases I do like dubs better, but those are very rare!

  4. Subs all the way! Followed your blog looking forward to more anime recommendations

  5. I absolutely despise dubs. I'd like to learn Japanese and not use subs either, but until I do I pick subs all the way.

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    1. STFU is better that fake ass shit

  7. I use to be a dub ass dude but as i got deeply more into anime like hella more into it. i went back to apologize to guys on youtube who preferred a certain video having a sub version. bro Subs represent! -Check my soundcloud:Brand Nami30!-#$